From the South African Collection

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Untitled by Tito Zungu. A self-taught artist whose ball-point pen images are influenced by traditional Zulu beadwork patterns. He works with meticulous precision often depicting buildings and aeroplanes. He started his career decorating envelopes and is now highly sought after.

Detail: Fragile earth by Andrew Verster. Andrew Verster is one of KwaZulu-Natal's foremost artists, known for his drawings, prints and paintings. This painting expresses the lush, tropical foliage and atmosphere of Durban with its vivid, hot colours. Verster has been in the forefront of South African art since the sixties.

From - 12 Scenes of Durban - also by Andrew Verster. The loose, free drawing mirrors the casual beach culture of the city.

Unrequited by Penelope Siopis - Unique in her application of oil paint, which is at times almost three-dimensional, the artist reflects the excesses and depravity of contemporary society. Perspective and light are dramatic and involve the spectator, demanding a response.

Across The Game Reserve by Derrick Nxumalo. A dreamlike view using decorative images and vibrant colour. The artist has a unique way of depicting landscape.

Cane Cutting in Eshowe by Diamond Bozas. The subject matter of this work has been strongly influenced by the artist's surroundings - the lush sugar-cane fields of KwaZulu-Natal with their endless vistas and sunny skies. The heightened realism gives the work its charm.

Ukhamba. Made from indigenous grasses and using natural plant dyes this object is an important part of the Zulu beer ceremony. Refined weaving techniques and fine decoration elevate this functional object.

Fish Figure by Carol Hayward-Fell. This is one of the large collection of local ceramics in the Gallery. Natal is particularly well known for its ceramics which range from functional to funky.

Soul Bearers 11 by Fiona Kirkwood. (Fibre and mixed media) Kirkwood is a weaver and artist who works with mixed media such as feathers, plastic, beads, buttons, etc. Techniques used are traditional female crafts such as macrame, weaving, plaiting and knitting.